Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rita's is closed, won't be reopening this season

The other day it was nice out and I walked by Rita's, the ice cream and frozen custard place on the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza. I noticed they had a black sheet over the window, and next door there was a for lease sign. I hoped the lease sign was for Score!, the test prep place, and maybe Rita's just wasn't open for the season yet -- last year, they opened in March.

Turns out, they're closed. The "scuttlebutt" on Prince of Petworth a few weeks ago was that they might be reopening across the street in DCUSA, but I emailed the company today asking what happened to the store and they said "we do not anticipate it reopening this season." When I asked specifically about DCUSA, they said they were in the process of opening 3 locations, none of which are anywhere near DCUSA.

PoP later said that a frozen yogurt place called Fro-Yo would be opening in Rita's old space on the Civic Plaza sometime this summer.

I'd rather have Rita's.


  1. that's super sad. they needed a better year-round plan to succeed there.

  2. Agreed. I was a big fan. Frozen yogurt, not so much.

  3. Say it ain't so! We used to drive in from Chevy Chase to go to Rita's!

  4. Kind of a bummer--I'm a huge fan but really did wonder about the viability of the business in that location: only open for summer months in relatively expensive urban real estate plus very slow through put selling the product. I was convinced that it was just a money laundering front. Albeit one with really really good frozen stuff.

  5. thanks for taking the time to actually research the issue here instead of relying on hearsay. much appreciated!


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