Monday, April 26, 2010

Cool old building photo

Pretty neat old photo found by Flickr user Rock Creek, showing a now-demolished building at 1467 Irving Street NW. It's now the school complex. Nice looking building.


  1. Its the spitting image of the Walbraff on 15th st. between Irving and Columbia--that must have been a common building style for early twentieth century apartment living along the ColHi/Mt.Pleasant frontier...

  2. That's true. It's also similar to some on Belmont, and sort of like 1483 Newton

  3. Thanks for sharing! Also, I have an idea for a new ongoing segment: "Hobo Poop". You could walk around and take pictures of turds on the sidewalk, I think everyone would find it helpful in planning their walks. Plus, since your commentary couldn't be more banal and metaphysically agnostic, it would be impossible for you to write any accompanying text that's crappier than the photo itself, which would be a nice change.

  4. I appreciate the helpful comment!


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