Thursday, April 29, 2010

New neighborhood art zine: the Symbolist

This post by Emily S.

While enjoying Wonderland’s glorious patio with many of my neighbors yesterday evening, I was handed the Symbolist: columbia heights based art zine." It's a 14-page booklet, compiled by J. Hedgepeth and Jonas Wolfe and filled with artwork, film and play critiques, exhibit info, and interviews. I was impressed; not only by the art itself, but also by the imaginative and unpretentious writing and layout.

As a left-brainer, the ability to identify with and feel comfortable with art and its ensuing culture has always been a challenge for me. This zine, however, displays the articles and artwork in a creative and relatable way with the light and bright content popping off the darkened pages. The articles themselves are concise and accessible, informative and eloquent. The authors don’t seem to take themselves too seriously (using one of my favorite colloquialisms – “obvi”), but intelligence and originality are apparent.

As the back cover reads, "things are more complex than they can be represented." While I agree with the authors, I think that they do a damn good job breaking it down, and I look forward to the future representations of the local art scene’s complexities. Now if I only knew where to find it next month….
Content in this issue of The Symbolist:
- featured artist: Brian Reveillac
- film reviews: Greenberg and Green Zone
- play critique and art direction interview: Clybourne Park and Colin Bills, lighting director
- local exhibitions: Elizabeth Catlett and the TGP at the Mexican Cultural Institute


  1. -Emily, such nice things you've written! I've been known to hand new copies of the Symbolist to friends, ...let me know where you are and I can hand the next one to you personally....

  2. I picked up a copy of this zine for the Metro ride home and was impressed with the writing style of the authors. I hope to see more around town.

  3. J. Hedgepeth AND Jonas Wolfe? Awesome. Those two dudes rock.

  4. Wait, J. Hedgepeth AND Jonas Wolfe are involved? Wow, those two dudes rock!

  5. CL Wolfe .. Love the Symbolist art zine, great writing

  6. CLW
    Love the Symbolist art zine, impressive writing.


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