Monday, April 12, 2010

Neighborhood association smackdown!

I've been watching, somewhat confusedly, the recent argument on the North Columbia Heights Civic Association listserve. Apparently Jeff Zeeman, president of the group, posted about a spring cleanup, and then a few folks started complaining that they aren't having meetings or elections. Zeeman responded that nobody ever expressed any interest, and it went downhill from there.

Read here if you'd like to see the descent into craziness. One woman suggests they go have a cup of coffee and discuss their differences, but that doesn't seem to help. ANC commish William Jordan gets into the mix as well.


  1. It doesn't surprise me that William "NIMBY" Jordan got involved!

  2. On the downside, this exchange was ridiculous. In the future, I am going to respond to constructive dialogue and suggestions, and ignore the haters, which only enables them. On the plus side, four new people have joined the listserver since this was posted here, so I guess folks enjoy the drama!

    In all seriousness, due to limited manpower, NCHCA has unfortunately been slow since the Fenty forum in November, but thanks to (a) more time for me and (b) a lot of new energy and voices, that will soon be changing. Save the first Wednesday and Saturday in June for our next meeting and clean-up, respectively. And we hope to soon thereafter become more active / have an expanded role in the community. But it really depends on the energy and interest level of folks living in the area -- all are welcome to share ideas and contribute to the organization in whatever creative ways you can think of; the more voices suggesting community events, projects, initatives, and so on, the better (and better yet if you are interested in helping organize any of the above).


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