Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More on the Sherman Avenue streetscape plan

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Sherman Avenue streetscape plan, which aims to make the street more of a nice-looking neighborhood street and less of a high-speed thoroughfare.

I was looking around for more info and noticed a DCist post that actually has an image of the planned street, and it looks pretty impressive: there's a nice grassy median and tree boxes, bike lanes and narrower travel lanes (plus for some reason a mail truck).

The rest of the DCist post is a little old (the meeting mentioned was the same one I wrote about awhile ago) but at least you get a visual. Construction starts in July, and is expected to finish in December 2011. You can track the project on DDOT's site.

UPDATE: Construction is planned to end in December 2011, not 2010.


  1. That's cool. Although there are things lining Sherman Avenue that are not going to change perhaps for decades, that will always make it feel a little barren and forbidding in spots.

  2. The contruction will take 18 to 24 months, so "December" should have a "2011" attached to it...

  3. With the changes to 14th street (4 Lanes to two) 13th Street (2 lanes) turning Sherman into two lanes from 4 is the stupiest idea I think this city has come up with. There will be no effective way to travel in or out of the city. This is just stupid thinking.

    Although, it will look pretty.

  4. I think that's kind of the idea, to make it less of a major thoroughfare. That's what Georgia Ave is for.


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