Friday, April 23, 2010

Help decide what outdoor movies you want to see!

The folks from Columbia Heights Day will be hosting three outdoor movie nights this summer, and they're looking for your help to decide which movies! Details are still being finalized, but the dates will be June 24, July 29 and August 12.

Personally I'm hoping for Indy, Goonies, and Back to the Future.

Here's the link in case the poll doesn't load.


  1. I'd go Princess Bride (no more rhymes I mean it), Goonies and then one purely for the little kids (and who are we kidding the adults too)...probably UP!

    Although I wonder which Willy Wonka they are talking about....

  2. Any more information about the outdoor movie location or other details?

  3. Any info on the location yet?


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