Friday, April 23, 2010

Free tacos! Two-for-one at Pica Taco

FREE TACOS! (If you buy one.)

Pretty good deal at the new Pica Taco at 14th and Florida, through tomorrow it's buy one, get one free tacos. Worth checking out, as I've never been there.

I've also heard they're going to do two-for-one once a week as well.

Here's their Yelp page. They're at 1406 Florida Ave NW.

UPDATE: A commenter says it's one free taco with any purchase. So not actually two-for-one.


  1. Pica's been advertising this everywhere, but whether you buy 1, 2, or 6, you only get one free taco.

    ie, it's really just "Free Taco with Any Purchase," not 2-for-1.

    Still tasty. Get the barbacoa.

  2. I bought four tacos and got two free!

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  4. You actually had to buy a taco. I bought a bunch of stuff and asked for the free taco but had to buy one to get one.

    The food was really not that good. Ingredients (spinach, beans, fish) all tasted like from a can. I saw them microwave it. Pretty sad.


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