Monday, April 26, 2010

DPR: There will be more chairs at the Banneker pool!

Good news for poolgoers: Sean Link from the city's Department of Parks and Recreation just emailed me saying that there will be 60 new pool lounge chairs at the Banneker pool this summer. Looks like the people on the Facebook group will be pleased.

He also said there will be a limited number of umbrellas, and they'll look into adding more. Nice!

Link clarified the hours too:
The pool will be opening on May 29, 2010 for weekend operation only (12pm – 6pm, Sat & Sun). It will switch to a daily schedule on June 21, 2010 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, 1pm -8pm; Sat & Sun, 12pm – 6pm; Closed on Thursday).
The pool is located at the corner of Georgia and Euclid. It's free to city residents.

David Hockney painting not of the Banneker pool


  1. It's about time! The chairs there are falling apart. Mayor Fenty is getting my vote just for making this happen.

  2. there is a severe lack of shade - we could definitely do with some umbrellas, or preferably nice trees!


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