Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did you lose power last night? Did Pepco tell you ahead of time?

If you follow the New Columbia Heights Twitter, you might have noticed that we lost power last night at about 9 pm, as did a number of other people around 13th Street from about Park to Fairmont. The power wasn't out on every house, and even on our block only about half of them lost power. In some cases just the street lights were out.

Something kind of ridiculous might have been going on with Pepco too: it may have been a scheduled outage, but they didn't seem to tell anybody about it ahead of time. A fellow Columbia Heights Twitterer posted this news during the power outage:
Pepco just called saying it is a scheduled outage until 4am, we should have recieved paperwork. Obviously didn't. Thanks pepco!
Pretty lame. I called Pepco and wasn't able to confirm, but I did, however, learn there's a Pepco customer service Twitter account, which seemed to confirm that there was in fact a scheduled outage. Not cool of them not to let anyone know. I don't envy the customer service guy, however.

Power did come back on for us at about 2 am.


  1. Our apartment building (at 16th and Monroe) had been notified that power was scheduled to be out on April 6th from 9 pm - 4 am. Power never went out, and we were re-notified that we would lose power on April 13th, from 9 pm - 4 am. Power stayed on again last night.

    Sounds like they notified the wrong blocks, perhaps?

  2. We, too, lost power but never heard anything about a scheduled outage.

  3. My power went out a bit before 9, and I was not notified.


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