Thursday, April 22, 2010

DCUSA parking garage to be used for WMATA employee parking

Finally! The always almost empty DCUSA parking garage has a use. WMATA agreed with the city to rent parking spaces at the garage for employees at their northern bus garage, and to run a shuttle back and forth.

The deal has WMATA renting 250 spaces for $125 each month, or $375,000. WMATA will also pay for the shuttle and for security in the garage when it would normally be closed. The northern bus garage, at 14th and Buchanan, has a parking deck, but it was deemed structurally unstable.

Greater Greater Washington reports that Target, which has the right to approve any deal, balked at the deal initially, which is ridiculous since no one ever parks there. Jim Graham and city administrator Neil Albert then pressured them to accept it. Target really needs to get past the suburban mentality that led them to force the city to build an overly large parking garage for the project. Currently, operating the garage costs the city $2.1 million a year and it has nothing going on inside it. While this might not be the most vibrant use of the garage, at least it'll save some money.

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