Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alero moving into the old Rumberos space

Looks like the empty spot where Rumberos was is being filled by a similar (but hopefully not too similar) joint, local Latin American restaurant chain Alero. I was never a fan of Rumberos, and while Alero isn't my favorite, it's definitely a step up.

I saw the note on the 42 Bus blog, but they don't have a timeline yet. Nice to see an empty space being filled though. I hope they do well, but at the same time don't harm more local places like El Rinconcito II and Taqueria Distrito Federal.


  1. Since Alero serves crappy American Tex-Mex, and Rinconcito is mostly known for its Salvadoran food, and D.F. Tacos serves authentic (or close to it) Mexican food, Alero shouldn't syphon off any customers. At least not customers who know what they're eating.

    I miss Rumberos though. No place around here to get good South American dishes or Puerto Rican dishes with delicious drinks. Rumberos had its problems, mostly with the consistency of the food quality and the prices, but I do miss it.

  2. pOp said it was set to open in april sometime...i can see that since the infrastructure is in there.

    @Anon - it isn't that bad especially the non Ust locations. Tex-mex is never "authentic."

  3. dc14thst@gamil.comApril 16, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    I didn't know Rumberos closed up. Though not in Col Hgts, the kiosks/ tables area near the park in front of City Bikes in Adams Morgan has alot of central/ south american food...argentinian, puerto rican (mofongo only on Sundays), salvadorian, peruvian (ceviche & chicha), etc. Let's hope the next few years treats Col Hgts well and we get some better foodies moving in.


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