Tuesday, April 6, 2010

11th and Monroe Park design unveiled

At the last meeting on the 11th and Monroe Street Park (which apparently is no longer known as Trolley Turnaround Park), the city's Department of Parks and Recreation unveiled the redesign of the park.

It looks like there will be some kids' play areas, some seats, and a couple of checkers/chess boards. What do you think? Doesn't seem too different from now, from my view, other than being maybe more inviting, as the park is kind of drab now. Here's what it looks like now from the air.


  1. Actually, at the meeting, it was explained that the two big differences were things that don't show up well on a simple picture. One, they're fixing all the drainage problems with the space to make it less dank and puddle-ridden. Two, they're raising the level of the park so that there's a clear line of sight for people (or, I assume police cars) going by, making it harder to hide there. In addition, they've moved the public space to the forefront, with the seating and tables close to the street and the play equipment to the back, which will also (in theory) make it easier to see if anyone is using the park for other than its intended purposes.

  2. Thanks, interesting. Sounds like good changes.

  3. Nothing really in the new design to keep the drunks out of the park though

  4. Drunks are people too.


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