Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WMATA considering ending Yellow Line service to Fort Totten!

Now this would suck. WMATA is considering a number of cost-cutting measures, including ending Yellow Line service from Mt. Vernon Square to Fort Totten, closing the Yellow line altogether after 9:30 pm on weekdays and all day weekends, plus other changes like closing two nearby Metro entrances on weekends: the 10th and U entrance to U Street and the 8th & R Shaw-Howard entrance.

Obviously, not having the Yellow line service would be very annoying as trips would take longer for both residents and folks coming to shop, eat and drink. That could end up making people think twice about coming to spend money in the neighborhood, which would be too bad, especially with so many new retail establishments, bars and restaurants.

It seems odd they'd propose those changes, just as the Columbia Heights Metro had the biggest jump in ridership in the system, thanks in part to new residents, new condos and apartments, and DCUSA. Cutting service now that everyone is used to it (and clearly using it more than ever) is crazy to me.

The Mid-City Business Association has started a website and a petition, also encouraging people to speak out at neighborhood meetings WMATA is holding. One of those meetings is on April 1 at 7 pm at the All Souls Church at 16th & Harvard. Go by and tell them what you think!

UPDATE: I emailed Jim Graham, who said he was opposed to the cuts to the Yellow line, voted against them, and is doing everything he can to stop it. He also encourage people to attend the meeting on the 1st and speak out there.

Our councilman, Jim Graham, is on the Metro board of directors, so let him know as well.

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  1. Folks are going to be angry when those metro folks start cutting folks' services.

  2. Ugh, this would be terrible. This means that we'll have no better service than those in the suburbs who are only on one line. This was one of the reasons I moved out of Arlington in the first place.

  3. Good point, t-bone, changed that.

  4. If WMATA needs to cut costs, doesn't it make more sense that they cut redundant service (since the Green Line will still cover that same stretch of tracks) than that they cut essential service that wouldn't otherwise be covered at all?

    Sure doing this will inconvenience people, but it will inconvenience fewer people to a lesser extent than just about any other service cut they could make.


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