Monday, March 15, 2010

Stripper sues The House strip club

Pretty interesting article in the Post, about an exotic dancer who sued her employer, Georgia Ave strip club The House, under a 1938 fair labor law. She was fired and has charged that the club didn't pay her any wages and also charged her various fees, like being late, missing work, and having to tip the DJ and bartender.

The House is at 3530 Georgia Ave. NW, a couple of blocks south of Looking Glass Lounge.


  1. Look at that picture! Maybe she was fired because she turned out to be a man.

  2. she is just greedy. many people that don't strip for money would love to make $80,000+ a year. I have friends making 1/3 of that.

    I hope she loses.

  3. Strip clubs are not exempt from Labor Laws, this could set a fairly important precedent for clubs nationwide.

  4. I hope she wins. Strippers on the eastcoast need to unionize!!


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