Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simply Soles moving to Georgetown

This is too bad: Simply Soles, the shoe boutique on Park Road, is moving to Georgetown early this month. I can't say I blame them, as Georgetown will assuredly have more foot traffic and a better market for fancy goods than Columbia Heights, but it's too bad they're leaving. Anyone shop there? How'd you like it?

In the article on the Georgetown Voice, owner Kassie Rempel says the staff were threatened a few times, and as such kept the door locked. That's too bad.

I've written about them before a few times, including an interview with Rempel, and I wish them good luck there.


  1. I never even knew that store existed. That's an odd block to have a business like that on. I think they would've done better, and perhaps felt safer, had they simply moved to a different block of CH.

  2. i live on that block and i could never tell if they were open so i never stopped in. i think they just need to do better makeing their existence clearer.

  3. Hi Andrew - Thanks so much for the best wishes. I miss being able to walk to work in Columbia Heights, but that space, as much as I loved it, just didn't work for us. I'll still continue to support my local neighborhood though.


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