Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IHOP coming late spring or summer?

Last April we heard about an IHOP potentially opening in DCUSA, but after that, there wasn't much news. Now finally I saw something, albeit a passing reference -- a Wash Biz Journal article about small business loans being hard to get, which says the IHOP would open late spring or summer. However, it's spring now and I haven't seen much work. I could go for some IHOP -- although I'd be remiss not to tell people to check out Florida Avenue Grill for breakfast food too.

I emailed the article's author to see if I can get more info.


  1. you gotta be kidding me... IHOP? jesus columbia heights. what's next? the red lobster?

  2. I assume that the comment above refers to such restaurant chains as IHOP and Red Lobster being less than classy, BUT, consider the fact that most of the people, without the gentrification that's taking place in CoHo, are also less than classy. So, why not put in an IHOP. I just hope that it doesn't become a hangout for all of the teens in the neighborhood who don't seem to have parental oversight or respect for most of the adults who live, work, or play there.

  3. We could grind the kids up and use them as filling for egg burritos??? I'm sure all that sass makes them to spicy!


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