Monday, March 29, 2010

Columbia Heights does well in City Paper's Best of DC

If you like baked goods, neigborhood bars, pho, or vegan restaurants, you're in the right neighborhood. Local establishments won reader and staff picks from this year's City Paper Best of DC list, including Sticky Fingers for best bakery and best vegan restaurant, Wonderland for best neighborhood bar, and Pho 14 for best pho.

A bunch of local spots also finished in the top 3: Room 11 (which I love) got 3rd in best new bar and Malcom X (aka Meridian Hill) Park was voted the 2nd best place to smoke weed (behind "home"). Amusingly, Pete's Apizza got 3rd in best pizza, though Red Rocks, which finished 2nd in Washingtonian's Pizza Pool, wasn't in the top 3.

Wonderland got a bunch of other stuff too, like 3rd best dive bar (The Raven was first) and 2nd best patio, and 2nd best singles bar (agree). Past Tense and Quiet Mind finished 2nd and 3rd respectively for new yoga studio, and the CH Metro got third for best Metro stop, whatever that means. Maybe it's rated by number of broken elevators and Black Hebrew Israelites.

In the more subjective staff picks, Red Derby won best bar with boardgames. I'm glad they got something, I like that place a lot.

And finally, Columbia Heights got 2nd in "best up-and-coming neighborhood." I'm pretty sure it's already here.


  1. wonderland pushes patrons to vote for them every year it's comical.

  2. wonderland does do that, after going on about the "best of crap"...and incouraging people to vote.

  3. i never understand why Raven gets such remarks. I'm glad it exists i guess but frankly it totally sucks. a mystery ...


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