Monday, March 29, 2010

ANC 1B meeting on the 1st: new wine bar and more

No April Fool's joke here. ANC 1b, which covers approximately 1st to 16th, Columbia to S (click the map), is meeting on April 1st in the Reeves Center 2nd floor conference room, which is at 14th and U.

Here's the full agenda, which includes a cleanup party and a liquor license for a new wine bar with small plates at 14th and Florida called DuVin Osteria. I would assume they're focusing on seafood, based on the name. (I misread Osteria, thinking it meant oysters. Turns out it doesn't.)


Mackenzie said...

Did you read about how the owner of Du Vin Osteria threatened U Street Girl for a comment posted on her blog by someone other than her? (Note: bloggers have *NO* legal responsibility for the content of their commentors' comments)

Andrew said...

Whoa! I'd heard about that but didn't realize that was the same restaurant. Wow.