Monday, March 8, 2010

Abandoned House Watch - 1334 Irving

In this latest installment of Abandoned House Watch, I look at 1334 Irving Street NW, which has boarded-up windows and wasn't shoveled during the blizzard. I looked it up, and it's owned by the DC Housing Authority. I guess they took it over from some delinquent landlord, and the building isn't on either of the city's vacant property lists.

They haven't done much with it, however -- here's how it looked in 2005, from DCHA's Flickr account.

Kind of a shame to see this house sitting empty. I'll email Jim Graham and see what's happening. At the least, the city could sell it for a fair amount of money.


  1. Do you know if there is any information on the Bacon Funeral Home on 14th? It appears abandoned and is a total eyesore for the community.

  2. thanks for the reminder, i've been looking into it. that place really is a dump.

  3. what beautiful windows! bet they are original too.

  4. bacon funeral home might be my favorite building in dc. can't beat the name of that place.

  5. Did you receive a response from Graham about this address? I walk by it all the time and wonder what the story is. That's prime real estate.


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