Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update on the Columbia Heights farmers market: planned opening in June

Good news: looks like the Columbia Heights farmers market is coming along very well! The other day I got in touch with ANC commissioner William Jordan, who's also helping to organize the market -- officially called the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace. Jordan and fellow organizer Brad Karrer responded to me with details.

They're looking at running from June through October, are soliciting local farmers (within 150 miles), have selected a market manager, have a listserve (though it's open to organizers only at present), and are launching a blog and survey soon. It will be located on the Civic Plaza (14th/Park/Kenyon) probably either Saturdays or Sundays. Brad added
We are still designing the layout of the space, but we believe that we will be able to place at least six vendor tents, at least one community service provider tent and an entertainment area.

We envision that our program will not simply be a farmer's market, but a meeting place for the community to come together. We intend to include local Columbia Heights businesses to participate by providing space for community service providers for outreach and programming as well as entertainment/event space for demonstrations and recitals.
Nice to see this! I'm looking forward to it.

UPDATE: The survey is now available, in English and Spanish. To join the email list or for more info, write to


Kirsten said...

I hope they do it on Sunday! Mt. Pleasant has a great little farmer's market on Saturdays just a couple blocks away. It would be nice if they weren't competing AND if there were someplace close to get fresh veggies on Sunday without going down to Dupont.

gansie @endless simmer said...


and ditto on kirsten. i'm hoping for sundays as not to compete with the already awesome mt. p market.

Thrifty DC Cook said...

I also agree that Sunday will be a better day since the 14th and U Street Market is on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Sunday!! Please let's make it a high-quality farm market unlike the last iteration (basically tchotchke vendors) on the Highland Park lot.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared this is going to end up like the crap they have put together in Silver Spring. If they have live reggae music blasting from loudspeakers while people try to buy carrots that will be great!

Andrew said...

Fill out the survey and let them know your preferences for Sunday! I did.

Binklesworth said...

I'm torn between wanting it on Saturday or Sunday.
If it's Saturday, we can go there, then go to U St. or Mt. Pleasant for whatever's left on our list.
If it's Sunday, there's the flexibility of going there if we can't make it on Saturday, without having to walk all the bloody way to Dupont or take the bus to Takoma Park.
Being that we get 95-97% of our produce at farmers' markets, this is a frickin' awesome development!

Simon Landau said...

This is great news. What a perfect addition to the community. I can't wait for the summertime sunshine and this new exciting idea: visiting the new Columbia Heights farmers market.