Monday, February 22, 2010

Target now has a bulk items area

Just spotted this the other day: there's a new bulk items area at Target, for detergent, toilet paper and such. I thought it was kind of odd that they have signs saying things like "no membership required": who would think you need to join Target?

Anyway, thought it was interesting.


  1. It seems like sort of a recessionary corporate strategy to compete with discounters like Costco, no? Regardless, it doesn't seem like the best use of space in an urban store like this where most customers don't have the storage to buy in bulk. A larger grocery section with produce would be a better money maker, but it would also entail a lot of costs to set up. My guess is this only lasts until Spring when they refill this section with lawn and garden items.

  2. It's been there since Jan 1. It's part of a corporate strategy to compete with Costco. It's only a 6 week trial, so it should be coming down soon (they had a TON more stuff at new year's)


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