Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meeting on the Columbia Heights farmers market on Thursday

It's neighborhood meeting week! For those interested in the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace, which includes a farmers market. there's a meeting on Thursday at 6:30 pm. It's open to anything and will include organizers, and will:
cover the latest developments in planning the market, including the results of a survey about the ideal days and times for the market and a report on feedback from potential farmers, bakers and other food producers interested in selling at the market.
Sounds great! I'll definitely try and make it and report back. It will be at the offices of Change, Inc., which is at 1413 Park Rd NW.

A lot of people seemed to want Sunday as the day, since there are already markets in Mt. Pleasant and U Street on Saturday. I'm interested to hear the results of the survey, which asked what sorts of other things people would like to see at the market.

I wrote more about the market here, which will be located at the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza, the triangular area bordering 14th, Park and Kenyon.

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  1. So did you go and if so, what are the plans like now?


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