Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is your street going to get plowed?

There's been some rumors going around that folks will only have their streets plowed if they request it from the city. However, the city's Department of Transportation Department of Public Works has said that's not the case:
...We plan to get to every single street in the District. You should call 311 to make a service request (for a missed street or block) but a service request is not necessary to get your street plowed. We are dealing not only with a record breaking snow fall but with equipment being pushed to the limit because of a particularly snow-filled winter, which is unusual for DC. Mechanical problems have added an additional layer of complications.

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  1. When I called I was told the same thing that they would put your street on the list if you called. So lots of people on the Fairmont Street called and voila it was plowed that day!!!

    So the BS about "We treat all streets the same" is just PR for We are trying very hard but unless you make a noise your street won't get plowed until it melts on its own."

    I don't blame the brave people working the plows. I blame their managers. Maybe the City should send Plow School.


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