Sunday, February 7, 2010

Columbia Heights snowball fight!

The Meridian Hill Park snowball fight was a lot of fun. The turnout was great, maybe 100-200 people, all gathered near the Joan of Arc statue. Folks split into two sides, one on the east and one on the west, and people would toss back and forth. Every now and then somebody would yell "charge!" or "attack!" and one group would run at the others, snow flying everywhere.

People came up with some defenses, like sleds as shields. One guy wore a boogie board on his back and other people on his side would walk up behind him, then pop out and peg the other side. A few folks would fill up sleds with snow and toss the loads into the oncoming hordes. I brought along a horse head mask just in case nobody was throwing anything, and at one point I walked into no man's land wearing it and got pelted from all sides, which was pretty funny. The west side basically won, as they kept pushing the east siders back, though I think the west side had a lot more people.

Then at some point, it sort of petered out and the fight changed directions: the two groups were facing north and south. A lot of photos were taken, like these from the City Paper and these from Flickr. Good times were had by all. Add your experiences or photos in the comments!


  1. Way too much fun. Dog friendly. Great way to meet a ton of people.

  2. Ah, so you were the guy in the horse mask! We had the same idea and brought a Jigsaw mask, a cat mask, and an afro.

    It was such a blast, everyone was so friendly--it really felt like being a part of something. Also loved how everyone on my side targeted the guy in the Penguins jersey. Oh DC, how I <3 thee.

  3. ahahaha...the horsehead assault was so funny! i saw someone nearby with a video camera...anyone come across video of the barrage and heroic death scene?

  4. If anyone does, please post it here!

  5. Andrew,

    There is a pic of you on PoP (In the horse mask, I have no idea what you look like w/out it!


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