Friday, February 5, 2010

Be nice, shovel your sidewalk

As you might have noticed today, it was pretty treacherous walking in some areas of the neighborhood as unshoveled snow on the sidewalk froze and made a nice ice patch. The City Paper's Mike Debonis (aka Loose Lips) twittered the DC law about shoveling: "Per D.C. Code §9-601, you must shovel your sidewalk 'within the first 8 hours of daylight' after snow stops falling."

If it helps, shoveling snow is great exercise.


  1. Sue me. I am will not shovel my sidewalk. I already pay very high taxes. The city should shovel it for me.

  2. Why doesn't the city fine people for not shoveling during multiple storms? Most northern cities and towns do that and it works like a charm. Nothing like the threat of a $50 fine to get you shoveling. Granted the city would need to fine itself. I've never seen so many curb cuts made inaccessible. I don't know how folks in chairs are getting around!

  3. @Anonymous-"sue me"? too funny! There's so many lawyers living in DC you'll probably have a slip and fall pile of 'em on your side walk before the ice melts.

    I prefer shoveling than to risking incurring someone's medical bills and lost wages, plus lawyers fees.

  4. Anonymous is a moron -- the city doesn't shovel, and your putting others at risk won't change that. Of course, you are not the only moron in DC. The management at Whole Foods on P Street takes the cake, because they continually refuse to shovel the walk in front of their parking lot on Church Street.

  5. done. But now my back is out. Who do I sue?

  6. I will not shovel my sidewalk until the city plows the street. It's Monday AM and still Fairmont has not been plowed.

    I am going to fine the city.

  7. anonymous is just lazy and irresponsible. I live on Fairmont st NW. Who cares if you can't drive for a few days. If everyone would take 30 minutes and shovel the 16 feet of sidewalk in front of their house this winter wouldn't suck as bad as it does now. Maybe anonymous should get off the computer and get some exercise. Or maybe they are just too fat to walk down the steps and grasp anything other than food in their hands.

  8. This neighborhood is full of lazy @$$holes.

    If it snows you are required to shovel your walkway, meaning, any concrete that is walked on, which in many cases means from your property line to the curb.

    How are people in wheel chairs or with baby carriages supposed to get around? Not to mention if you want to use a cart...

    If you call 311 they will send someone to your block w/i 24 hrs to evaluate and ticket people - or so they say.....


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