Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to work?

Did you have to work today? The Federal government is closed, and it looks like the main roads in the neighborhood are pretty clear. Parking, however, could be a pain, as you probably have to dig yourself out. Side streets also don't seem to be completely clear yet either, though I heard salt trucks going around at night.

How was your commute? Easy, tough? Or work from home/watch DVDs?

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  1. While waiting for the S4 at 8:20am, I realized buses weren't running until 9am. Instead of hiking over to the C-Heights metro to wait for 30 minutes and then wait again at L'Enfant to get the organge/blue line, I walked from 16th and Euclid to Farragut West. It took about 35 minutes and was complete with my boyfriend helping some other guys push a car out of the snow, a view of people digging a stuck, Giant Peapod truck out of the snow, and a few fallen trees. It wasn't too cold and actually quite beautiful. The wait at F-West was 15 minutes. I got to Rosslyn around 9:35. I imagine my commute will be like this for the rest of the week. It wasn't bad at all.


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