Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Street Booze: Steel Reserve on Fairmont

Here's the latest installment of Street Booze, where I document the various bottles of booze found tossed around the neighborhood.

Seems like Fairmont Street between 13th and 14th is a popular place for street drinking. I spotted this flattened Steel Reserve can the other day, which is a really terrible tasting malt liquor. I prefer Mickey's or King Cobra if I'm drinking malt liquor, which doesn't happen too often.


  1. It's that Liquor store on the corner of Fairmont and Sherman. They are trashing up the neighborhood.

  2. I saw one of these today also.
    Check out Hiatt Place, near Irving.

    And if you really feel like it, the alley behind Irving/14th/Columbia is probably the jackpot!
    Just watch out for needles.


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