Friday, January 29, 2010

Nori Asian Bistro owners sued for back rent

Looks like the owners of Nori Asian Bistro, formerly located in the Tivoli Theater building, owe the building owners some back rent. The Wash Biz Journal reports Nori owed $140,000 and are being sued for a total of $500,000 by Horning Brothers, which owns the space. The article goes on to say that Nori was evicted over the rent. The space has reverted to Horning Brothers, and they're marketing it again.

So far, that space hasn't been very successful -- Mayorga Coffee Shop was there, which was pretty decent. They had some semi-Latin American food, which was alright, and then it was replaced by Korean food, which was apparently good. Then those places left and after awhile, Nori came in. I liked Nori, but it is kind of an awkward space. Thin in the front, then a wider area and a smallish, out of way upstairs. I wonder if that's the issue, or if rent is the main problem. Either way, I wish whatever goes in there some luck.

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  1. I think the place is cursed. It never stopped feeling like a lobby, which of course is what it is. They should've restored the Tivoli as the full theater that it was built to be. With a big screen, I think it would've drawn people from all over the city, just like Target does.

    Doesn't help that Mayorga had kind of a sketch feel to it, either, especially when they blacked out the windows and tried to turn it into some kind of club scene. So there's some bad business acumen going on there, too.


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