Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Update your resume

As part of the series on New Year's resolutions, check out some of New Columbia Heights' advertisers, who help me keep the blog going. Today's resolution is Upstart Resumes.

Upstart Resumes is a service based in the neighborhood that helps you improve and update your resume and cover letter , especially aimed at younger people and the Columbia Heights "upstart" who might have limited job experience and might not have had much help with resumes or cover letters before. However, limited job experience doesn't mean you don't have things to put on your resume and cover letter.

You may have had friends look at your resume or cover letter before, but outside help may uncover more about your previous work and schooling. The service is run by a local resident who has a lot of experience helping with resumes, including teaching a resume course for recent Peace Corps alumni, plus helping countless friends and coworkers. And in the current economy, having a good resume is important!

Email and follow them on Twitter: @upstartdc


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea!

Katie Ham said...

Great! I do the same with me. I am hoping I can do my resolutions this year.. I hope so.:)

MBA student said...

Kelly helped me out a lot. My cover letter is awesome now! She knew exactly how to express my ambitions.