Monday, January 11, 2010

New wifi policy at Tynan's

As predicted by commenters, Tynan Coffee and Tea has a new wifi policy: one hour with purchase Monday-Friday from 6:30 am to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 3 pm to 8 pm. No laptop use is allowed at all on weekends between 8 am and 3 pm.

It looks like the policy was adopted in November, and on a recent Sunday morning I didn't see many folks in there. Hopefully it doesn't affect the store's business too much, as they have good stuff; but at the same time, having the place packed with laptop users is frustrating for those just wanting to sit and have some coffee and a sandwich.


  1. I understand that the owners at Tynan's are trying to find a balance between leisure web surfers and demanding consumers; however, I think their policy is not addressing the problem they claim to be dealing with. According to them, I had to close my laptop and discontinue use of it (even though I was using my own internet connection with my wireless card) because I was "giving off the perception that lap top use was permitted." This, according to them, is in an effort to discourage folks from sitting around all day and taking up space that perhaps other consumers might need in order consume their beverage/scone. However, just as the manager was telling me to put my laptop away, a woman right across from me had been sitting there grading papers and taking up half of the table was allowed to continue to use the table without any restrictions. I guess I fail to understand their "perception" logic, since it seems that it is perfectly fine to sit at their tables and read a book all day or grade papers, but not use your own personal laptop. A little backwards if you ask me. Needless to say that I have not been back to Tynan's and was very dissapointed with their customer service--especially since Tynan's was nearly empty that day, and there were no people waiting for tables.

  2. @Anonymous - it's their business. They can run it however they want.

    I happen to feel that there are a lot of activities that contribute to bad driving. These include putting on makeup, discipling the kids in the seat behind you, talking to the person next to you, singing and dancing, reading the newspaper, and talking on your cell phone.

    However, the DC Government has only outlawed "talking on your cell phone" among all these activities while driving.

    Much like Tynan's decision to ban people from using their laptops in their store, it's because this activity is easy to single out, and it represents the vast majority of the problem they are having.

    As such you can't really fault them for it. I don't like the cell phone law either, because frankly I can drive better while talking on my phone, probably even while drunk, than most people can while supposedly concentrating on the road. But since the law says cell phones are taboo, but snorting valium while driving is OK, that's the way it's going to be.

  3. Tynan sucks. End of story. They decided to exclude loyal customers and treat them pretty rudely (I've seen 3 or 4 instances of letting people take up an entire table with papers, study materials but not people with a laptop and then ask those people to leave (with laptops). It should be, get an hour with any purchase and with that hour you can use a laptop, etc.

    We should stage a sit-in where everyone buys a coffee, sips slowly and just take out a book for a few hours and take up real estate.

  4. David, I don't think laptop users are "loyal customers." You'd be hanging out in the BP station if you thought you could get free internet there.

    Fact is, if more of these customers were "loyal," they'd be considerate of their parking time, and the issue would never have arisen.

    As for staging a sit-in -- trying to harm a local business because they don't conform to your sense of entitlement would be a really douchey thing to do.

    People may spend time grading papers and reading books, but the fact is, the majority of people who stay there for hours on end are surfers.

  5. "We should stage a sit-in where everyone buys a coffee, sips slowly and just take out a book for a few hours and take up real estate."

    You mean... do exactly what everyone did with laptops? Which is why they banned them?

    Wow, that's pretty awesome. So the point of your protest will be, "we can be shitty customers and pay $2 to spend half the day in your lounge without technically violating your policy!"

    Have you ever been to, say, McDonald's where they have a "20 minute limit while consuming food?" It's so homeless people don't spend all afternoon there taking up space, while paying customers can't get a seat.

    Don't act like a homeless person. You aren't one. If you want to hang out all day and look cool so you can meet hippie chicks while updating your facebook page, get an Android or an iPhone and go to a bar.

  6. For the record - I think this is what Tynan is trying to avoid.

    Drones at Tryst

    Not very inviting is it? I would much rather be in a coffee shop that didn't feel like a scene from The Matrix.

    Laptops aren't allowed at Tryst on the weekends either. Nobody seems to be hating on them for this policy. Get over it.

  7. It isn't that Tryst doesn't outwardly ban laptops on the weekend. It's that Tryst shuts off the wifi. I've had my laptop in there during the weekend and they haven't told me to put it away.

    Tynan lost this customer when I learned of this policy when it was placed on the front door which sucks because I wanted to try their waffles. Way to get new customers!

  8. Jamie,

    You are a Grade A idiot. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with a bunch of you and your attempts to make us all dumber, while impressive in their scope, are mostly comical.

    Thanks for playing.



  9. Let's tone down the personal attacks, please. Comment on the content, not the person. Any more like that and I'll delete them.

  10. Ironically, a study that attempted to quantify the effects of web surfing on intelligence found that it makes you smarter. I'm as surprised as you are by that result... but it's of no consequence.

    Our plan to destroy the economy of all Westernized nations almost worked. The productivity of the United States and Europe declined steadily over the last ten years as Internet access became ubiquitous. By late 2009, most people were spending 80% of their workday reading useless blogs, arguing about things that are important to almost nobody other than themselves, and putting pictures of their dog into Yearbook Yourself.

    We were uniquely positioned to destroy the economy and take over the world. Unfortunately, we acted a little too quickly, as the United States and other nations still had enough credit to borrow the cash needed to keep limping along. But no matter, in time, our victory is inevitable. You will fall with the rest.

    Your very presence here means you already have.

    Resistance is useless!

  11. Jamie,

    Are you for real? No offense, just sayin. Are you for real?

  12. @Anonymous. If that is your real name.

    Do you have a sense of humor?


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