Monday, January 25, 2010

A new way to advertise your house -- texting

There's a lot of houses for sale and rent in the neighborhood with lots of things on their signs: websites, realtors' phone numbers, words like "absolutely exquisite" and "I'm gorgeous inside," but this is something different: the sign had only a number to text for more. Interesting idea, but when I tried it (twice) it didn't work. Doh.

The house is on Columbia Road between 11th and 13th.

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  1. This is my building. The other half of the sign is (still sitting) in our front yard area after it was blown off by the big wind storm two weeks ago.

    As I understand it, the place actually sold about 5 weeks ago. No word on the owner moving in or if/when the real estate company will be collecting their sign.


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