Friday, January 15, 2010

New anti-loitering, anti-PCP bill sponsored by Graham, Evans

The Post is reporting that Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and Ward 2's Jack Evans have submitted an anti-loitering and anti-PCP crime bill. The Post says the bill "would permit individuals to be targeted for drinking alcohol, gambling or urinating in public or for interfering with others' 'comfortable enjoyment of life or property.'"

Now I'm always a little leery of loitering laws, but this is a problem in some parts of the neighborhood, especially the parks. It also increases penalties for PCP. I didn't really know PCP was a problem in the neighborhood, but I suppose this couldn't hurt.


  1. Now can we get a bill sponsored to keep those neighborhood kids from playing on my front yard?

  2. Or how about a bill which requires that one dude to keep his pit bull on a leash?

  3. Isn't loitering what parks are for? I mean, that's what you do when you sit on a park bench, right?

  4. Election year Grahamstanding. You win elections by pandering to folks fears and pet peeves. This is an especially important approach to take attention away from other issues.

    At a recent community meeting it was reported that we have limited police footpatrols because of budget issues. Yet the CM is behind over $13M in tax give aways condo developers in the same neighborhoods.


  5. PCP is awesome. Screw these guys.


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