Monday, January 4, 2010

More crazy Christmas decorations

I know, Christmas is over, but these decorations were too crazy to not mention. On 11th Street between Monroe and Otis, there's a house with a plethora of big inflatable decorations, plus some blinking lights.

One is even motorized: there's a Disney-themed Christmas carousel that spins around, plus there's Santa Claus in a race car and a Christmas Thomas the Tank Engine. The yard's not very big, so it's pretty stuffed with Christmas goodness. Weird and awesome.

Not sure if they're still up (as I took the pictures a few days ago) but if you're nearby, go take a look. I first saw this from the Plight of the Pumpernickel, who has more photos. Unfortunately my camera battery died before I could get more!


  1. Awesome and weird Christmas decorations can (and should!) be appreciated year round, I think.

  2. My sentiments exactly. There aren't enough holidays with crazy house decorations.


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