Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lots of art on 14th Street lately

Something some friends and I have noticed recently is that 14th Street near DCUSA is often brimming with artists selling their works on the sidewalk. I wrote a few months ago about Cherif Mamadou, and on a recent weekend he was out there, along with another painter named Damola and D. Allen (pictured) who runs a non-profit called One Love Arts, Inc.

Damola's paintings were pretty interesting, but he wouldn't let me take pictures of them or his set-up. D. Allen does mostly drawings and says he's trying to set up art programs for youths. Always nice to see the streetscape livened up like that.

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  1. did you learn nothing from the award winning masterpiece 'my cousin vinny''s pronounced 'yutes'. c'mon!


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