Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is this your car?

There's been a silver Nissan 300ZX parked outside of Wonderland for as long as I can remember -- definitely months.

I don't think anyone who works there owns it, as it never seems to move, and it's got leaves and all kinds of stuff under it. There's not much damage, and it has up-to-date tags and no tickets, so I guess it's legally parked, but seems kind of odd. You'd think the owner would take it for a spin occasionally.

Kind of reminds me of the awesome car with huge wheels that was parked in the same spot on 14th Street for a long time, then disappeared one day.


  1. I'm pretty sure you need to move your car every 72 hours under DC law. If the car's a nuisance (and I am generally of the opinion that a car that's taking up a spot on the street 100% of the time, because it never moves, qualifies as a nuisance) call the cops and they'll ticket it.

  2. Some people may not realize, but cars need to be driven or they go bad, cars need exercise like dogs - hoses, fluids, tires etc. all need the work out. You can really wreck a car by just leaving it parked.

  3. Let's put some big chrome dubs on it for the owner. Then it will look like the awesome car on 14th st.


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