Friday, January 22, 2010

Georgia Ave development meeting Monday

Another neighborhood meeting, this one on Georgia Ave:
Several residents, business people and community leaders have formed the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force; a grassroots organization which is looking at strategies for speeding up revitalization of the Lower Georgia Avenue corridor from New Hampshire Avenue to Florida Avenue. The task force hopes to affect legislation and zoning laws to make sure that development on Georgia Avenue meets the needs of all of its stakeholders.

The group is working to shape future development on Georgia Avenue by forming a coalition with all of its constituents including residents, businesses, churches, senior citizens and youth, as well as community organizations. A series of community meetings and surveys are planned to get input from everyone, and committees have been set up to carry out specific functions.

Much development has already started or been planned for Georgia Avenue. This includes the Park Place Apartments and CVS at New Hampshire Avenue; the Ward 1 Senior Citizen Wellness Center at Newton Place; the Park Morton Redevelopment Project; a new Bruce Monroe Elementary School at Columbia Road, the Howard University Technology Plaza (formerly Wonder Plaza) at Bryant Street; and, the Howard University Town Center at W Street.
The next meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force is on Monday, January 25, at the Howard University Gadget Center, 2801 Georgia Avenue, NW, at 7:00 PM. A draft agenda can be downloaded here.


  1. Apparently the readers of this site think Georgia is Shaw. So why are you posting about this?

    Georgia is part of Columbia Heights. Anyone that says otherwise can go fuck themselves.


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