Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crime drops last year in the neighborhood

There's been a lot written lately about DC's declining murder rate and crime stats in the general, and Columbia Heights follows a similar trend, though not exactly the same.

Using the data from, overall crime in Columbia Heights (that is, within a 1500 foot radius of 14th and Irving, which goes from about 17th to 11th, Newton to Fairmont) dropped 3% from this year (1/13/09-1/13/10), versus the past year (1/13/08-1/13/09). Total violent crime dropped 14%, though assault with a deadly weapon with gun more than doubled, from 7 incidents to 16. Homicide doubled from 2 to 4. The chart is on the right, click it for a bigger one.

For the entire Third District, which includes all of Columbia Heights up to Spring Road, Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, Logan Circle, Pleasant Plains, Howard U, and part of Shaw (map here), crime has dropped 5%, with homicides down 30% (23 to 16) and violent crime down 8%.


  1. You get significantly different results if you change the "center" of Columbia Heights. Say for example, use Sherman Avenue and say Harvard Street.

    This tool is not very useful since it does not let you specify anything beyond 1500 feet. So you get to cherry pick your results for what you consider important.

    Really the center of Columbia Heights is not 14th Street.

    You also cannot exclude Euclid Street simply because it is a few feet farther.

    The better way to judge is to use PSA 302 and 304 as a whole.

  2. True, it depends on how you measure Columbia Heights, and even what days. I chose DCUSA as the center. That's also why I included the stats for the 3rd District as a whole.

  3. DCUSA is not the center of Columbia Heights. In fact it barely qualifies as being in Columbia Heights (it gets some credit for bordering 14th Street.

    Crime in that part of Columbia Heights has nothing to do with crime on Sherman. And then there a separate group of crime on Georgia associated with the liquor stores.

    So the only way to group crime in Columbia Heights is to group it all together using PSA 302+304.

    Notice that they don't indicate crime related to the gangs of Columbia Heights.

  4. It may or may not be the center, but it's a busy area. I would definitely say it's Columbia Heights.

    And all gang-related crime is in there, it's just not mentioned as gang-related -- it's assault or what have you.

  5. Regardless of how you define CH, the efforts are appreciated Andrew.


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