Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CommonWealth closed briefly due to liquor license issue, now open

Got a message on Twitter this morning that CommonWealth Gastropub had a sign they they were closed today due to a liquor license issue. I just spoke to a manager there who said their patio was open later than it should have been (past 1 am) during the summer, but the issue is now resolved and they're open now.

He added they didn't have to close, they could have just not served alcohol, but decided to do a little touch-up work in the meantime.


  1. speaking of booze...is there an update on the new place going in across the street from Red Rocks? the building on the outside looks closer to being finished. do they have a projected open date do you know?

    thanks again for you hard work on this blog.

  2. I've asked him, he really doesn't have a timeline other than they're working on it. I'll post about it soon, but unfortunately there isn't much news.

  3. PoP just posted about the 3DG project... hoping for June completion, my guess is Sept. Concept seems cool... it will certainly make 11th Street more of a destination.


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