Thursday, January 7, 2010

Columbia Heights condos: award winning?

Something I noticed recently is that Columbia Heights condos and apartments seem to win a lot of awards.

For example, Kenyon Square won best mid-rise condo in the nation in the Pillars of the Industry awards given by the National Association of Home Builders in 2008 (as pictured here). Highland Park won the same award, but for apartments, in 2009.

The Allegro (which also went bankrupt) won two awards: "Most Innovative Design - Mid-Atlantic: 2009" and Mid-Atlantic Construction magazine's Best of honors Award of Merit.

Now either there are a lot of really great condos and apartments around here, or there are a lot of awards to go around. I do think most of them are nice looking, however.


  1. I work for the org that gives out those (the Pillars of the Industry Awards- It's a pretty prestegious award (for the home building industry at least). They are nationwide and there are multiple categories, but those two buildings won the biggies for the type of building they are. And those are not even the only two buildings in DC to win the award. The Ellington, at 14th and U (where alero is) has also won the award in the past, and a locally based company also won their "property management company of the year" last year. I wouldn't be surprised if the new building at the Petworth metro stop wins this year. We just live in a really competitive region for this sort of thing.

  2. me again- I meant to say that I also live in the neighborhood and passed those signs every day with a smile, so it was cool to see that you'd noticed them!

  3. Columbia Heights is now joining U Street and Chinatown as a mega-DC condo hub. The buildings are great and the area is incredibly vibrant, both of which should continue to make Columbia Heights a bigger hotspot on the District map. What do you think about your condo? Rate and review, and read other unbiased commentary on DC Condos here:


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