Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Botox in the neighborhood

Something I've noticed for months and never really thought about is the botox at Radiance Medspa on 14th Street. They often have sandwich boards out advertising it, and the sign here says "$9 per unit." I have no idea what a unit of botox is, but that's pretty cheap. Is that normal? Botox kind of weirds me out.


  1. Clearly a sign that a neighbor is doing well.

  2. I've often wondered who actually avails themselves of this...

  3. This is a great place ... well worth the money you will spend there ... the people are very friendly ... at least when I went there... like all small businesses they struggle to stay alive in Columbia heights ... or at least they did back at the worst of the recession ... so they added many new services ... The Botox is administered by an actual dermatologist ... take some time out of your busy day and go get a massage ... might make the winter go by better!

  4. I got laser hair removal there a few weeks ago and am going back for my second round in a week or so. The people there are so friendly, and everything was so efficient, it was actually really amazing to me. Businesses nowadays raise prices and lower quality and quantities, couple with horrible customer service, but Radiance is quite the opposite.

  5. Brandon, interesting point.

    Anons, glad you had a good experience.

  6. From another site:

    BOTOX® cosmetic is measured in units. Each bottle of BOTOX® cosmetic that a doctor receives contains 100 units of BOTOX® cosmetic as freeze-dried powder which must be diluted with saline-water added- in order to be injected. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that a patient receive a minimum of 25-50 units between the eyebrows to smooth frown lines, 25-35 units for forehead lines, and 10-15 units for each eye area (crow’s feet), to achieve results that last 90-120 days.


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