Wednesday, January 6, 2010

After school programs for youth at the Art + Media House

The Latin American Youth Center's Art + Media House is offering after school programs for kids. The Art + Media House has done some cool programs in the past, including murals and other public art. Youth don't have to be Latin American to participate, it's for all young people from 11-18. Here's a rundown of their classes:
FINE ARTS: Urban Art, a Mixed Media class that helps students explore their individuality through art. Tuesdays&Thursdays 4-6pm

MIX TAPE PROJECT: Audio, Radio, and Music Production- Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-6pm in Music and Media Lab 2nd Floor AMH w/ Tennesse with guest Beatmakers, Producers, and some very skilled Peer Educators.

Portfolio Development: Build/organize a College Entrance Portfolio, Apply for Art Schools and Scholarships: Wednesdays 4-6pm w/ Ronald in 3rd Floor Art Studio (other days may be available).

Latino Artbeat Contest: Create a Poster about Latino Culture for a chance at big money in scholarships from Latino Artbeat. We've had a 3rd place winner over the last two years. Being Latino is not required. Wednesdays with Ronald 4-6pm (other days may be available).

Any questions- email us or call. Classes start January 26th.

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