Monday, December 21, 2009

Sledding in the neighborhood

Lots of people had the same idea I had and went sledding the last couple days. On Saturday some friends and I went to Cardozo High School on the 13th Street side. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the street wasn't slippery enough to sled on, but some folks were having good luck on the terraced hill next to the school using inflatable boats.

Then we went over to Meridian Hill Park, which was busy. Folks were going down the stairs in all kinds of things -- garbage bags, cookie sheets, trays, trash can lids, trash cans, some actual sleds and even a snowboard and a kayak. The best seemed to be just a garbage bag, or a lid inside a garbage bag. There was enough snow packed into the steps that it didn't really hurt your butt, and everybody was sharing their sledding devices. It was a cool, communal atmosphere.

I've also heard rumors that folks were snowboarding down the 13th Street hill on Friday or Saturday night, which is pretty funny.

How about you, did you go sledding or skiing anywhere?

Above is a video I took of some folks sledding. More photos and vids here.


  1. Just put the snow surf photo on Flickr

  2. Does anyone know what it will take to get CVS to clean up the snow on its sidewalk? I have reported it to 311 and talked to the store manager, but nothing has happened. who does one have to talk to get CVS to act like a decent member of the Columbia Heights community? I suggest everyone call CVS - local and corporate to tell them they will not be supporting CVS until it shovels the snow away


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