Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Room 11's Monday events: Awesome

So I've been to Room 11's first two Monday events, and they're great. Each Monday the bartender/owner Dan Searing serves a new kind of beer, some new cocktails, and some food to match with it.

Last night it was Scottish themed for St. Andrew's Day, the national day of Scotland, with a Scottish-style beer, a whisky cocktail, and a gin cocktail. Both were great, and the Hendricks Gin folks showed up and gave out free drinks, plus free shoeshines. Random, but cool.

The food pairing was cockaleekie soup, a Scottish chicken soup with leeks, and my friend said the duck confit and pork belly cassoulet was great.

The only problem is the place is small, but it was never too crowded last night.


  1. wow this would be a great post if it was posted YESTERDAY (the day of the actual event)!

    Glad you enjoyed it though!

  2. I did post about it yesterday -- see the link from "Last night."

  3. Not random Andrew, unusual! If you're interested in more Hendrick's happenings, may I humbly suggest you check out TheUnusualTimes.net.

    Hieronymus Stone

  4. It seems like this place is not very inviting to people of color. I certainly would not be going there.

  5. Why do you say that? There's all sorts of people there.

  6. Andrew - tell me the next time you see a brotha like me from Southeast in there.

    We simply aren't made to feel welcome.

    They look at us like we're always carrying guns and selling drugs just because of the color of our skin.

  7. I don't know what you're talking about. I've seen all kinds of people in there.


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