Friday, December 18, 2009

Parking alert! Better move your cars

The Mayor just declared a snow emergency starting at 7 am. That means there is no parking starting at 7 am on any of the city's snow emergency routes, which include 16th, Georgia, Park, Harvard, Kenyon, Columbia and Irving in Columbia Heights. Our neighborhood kind of got the shaft on that. Better move your car or you might get a $250 ticket or get towed!

Here's a map of all the snow emergency routes. If do get towed, call 202-541-6083.

Here's more recommendations from the city.


  1. Yeah, we got hit. And worse, it took me nearly an hour to move the car one block over to 13th and get it into what's not even a legit spot. I had to have almost 5 people help push it. If you're going to close half of the parking spots in the heart of Columbia Heights, you better give neighbors somewhere else to park, especially, when by 8-9am, the roads were impassable. (probably another 10 or so cars were ticketed on my block, that's some $$$ in the bank)

  2. So how much snow do you have on the ground? Is it still coming down. I was looking on and it looks like you guys don't average more than 7 inches a year in December. I'm guessing you've probably already far exceeded this.

  3. The official snowfall amount ( as of 6:15 last night ) is 16 inches in the District... I suspect more, especially because we were getting pounded until about 8 or 8:30.

    I've been checking this every so often - they have a link to it on under the Local tab. It has snowfall totals for dozens of places around the country, but again, it's only as of 6:15 yesterday. Some may be more accurate than others.

  4. There's a Circulator bus stuck at Monroe and Holmead - looks like a couple people are trying to shovel it out.


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