Monday, December 14, 2009

New pho place opening this week on 14th

Via PoP, there's a new pho restaurant opening this Thursday: it's called Pho Viet and is located at 3513 14th Street NW, which is at Parkwood Place.

If it's anywhere as good as Pho 14 on Park Road, then I'll be there. Plus I don't think there's a danger of the new place hurting Pho 14's business, as Pho 14 is basically packed all the time. Pho Viet also delivers with a $15 minimum.

One interesting thing out of this is that there seems to be a lot of duplication in our neighborhood -- independent coffee shops, Peruvian chicken places, Latin American bakeries, pho joints, etc. Maybe once one opens and is successful, other folks know they can do something similar. Or maybe there's just lots of demand for everything in Columbia Heights.

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  1. or maybe hipsters just like saying that one place is zzzzomg way more amazing then the other makes them look smart...


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