Friday, December 4, 2009

New Peruvian chicken place open on Park Road

Have you been to the new Peruvian joint? Peruvian Chicken and Steak, located on Park Road on the north side of DCUSA has been open for a little while. My buddy went there the other day and said it was pretty tasty: "Pollo Sabroso has some competition." The atmosphere looks... lacking, but hey, most Peruvian chicken places aren't known for their interiors.

There's no Yelp reviews so far, but another place with the same name in Arlington has 4 stars, so I'd assume they use the same recipe. Have you been?


  1. i walked by and noticed it on my way to grab some pho this afternoon, but i saw a banner they had put up with "senor chicken" (assuming its the same place)...

  2. I tried it a few days back. It's ok. The fried yucca was a bit underdone.

    Sabroso is better, IMO.

  3. Yea, they have at least one other location, I saw the arlington address on their bags I think.
    Quite good, but I think Pollo Sabroso is still better. Hope there's enough business for both places to survive.

  4. I love seeing new places pop up in C heights, so I hate to be negative, but I wasn't that pleased... even went back again to compare. The chicken is ok at best, but what is frustrating are the sauces! They are too liquidy and not much flavor... even the fries weren't right. Pollo Sabroso still comes out ahead, but maybe Senor Chicken will work out its kinks!

    The best Peruvian chicken in the area is Pollo Rico in Arlington (Virginia Square). If you are ever over there, but sure to check it out...

  5. I thought the food was good. The gentleman behind the counter was very friendly too.


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