Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First look at Pho Viet

Last night I went to Pho Viet, the new pho place at 14th and Parkwood that's been open since Thursday. The verdict: pretty good.

The brisket and meatball pho was large but bland at first. However, after some fish sauce, sriracha, and tearing up the basil leaves into the soup, it got very tasty. The brisket was flavorful and the meatballs were alright (though to be fair I'm not a huge fan of the meatballs at Pho 14 either). My friend had the beef eye round and meatballs, and enjoyed the beef eye round especially.

We also got the vegetarian summer rolls, which was also a bit flavorless -- I think the meat version would be better as the veggie version had a lot of unflavored tofu. They don't have banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwiches that Pho 14 has, which is too bad, they have one banh mi sandwich, but they had some interesting sounding non-alcoholic drinks, like Vietnamese espresso and various fruit drinks. Like Pho 14, they don't have a liquor license.

Service was friendly although a little slow and inattentive, but considering the place has only been open 4 days, that's not too surprising. There was a bit of a communication problem as well. It was very also inexpensive -- the most expensive thing on the menu was $8.95, and our dinner for two was $21, including a pot of tea.

I'm not sure it's better than Pho 14, but it is a good alternative, and they do deliver (minimum $15).

Pho Viet is at 3513 14th Street NW. Ph. (202) 629-2839


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  2. correction: they do offer the vietnamese sandwich, banh mi dac biet. Translation: vietnamese sandwich with the works.

    It comes with a side of tempura style sweet potato chips too.

  3. You're right, I looked at the menu and didn't see a sandwich section. Just the one, though

  4. Ordered delivery from them during the snowstorm. Delivery was quick. Pho was really good, I think possibly better than Pho 14. It seemed to have some more interesting seasoning in the broth.

  5. Went. VERY friendly service, including holding our baby for a bit while we were having the dessert banana and ice cream. Had the round eye + meatballs pho, wife had some rice thing, and our older son a rice dish with grilled pork. Pho needed all the seasonings and extras to turn really yummy but I guess that the whole idea of the extras. Wife liked hers a lot, and the pork on my son's plate was quite good.

    So, overall, very good, especially for the price! Definitely worth checking out and going again.


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