Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chipotle hosts soft opening last night

Post by Martha

Dozens of Kenyon Square residents, DC USA employees and other neighbors attended an invitation-only soft opening of the Chipotle on 14th last night. Chipotle's East Coast PR Director Katherine Newell Smith said the company especially wanted to thank residents of Kenyon Square for putting up with the construction.

Kenyon Square resident Ryan Cathcart, 27, said it was less the noise than the intense "vibrations" he experienced over the last few months: "It vibrated up the building but wasn't anything like the jack-hammering that was going on outside for a while." Ryan was more ambivalent about the Chipotle finally opening, saying, "It's better than nothing."

Chipotle offered beer and wine to guests last night but an area manager told me they will not be pursuing a liquor license. My burrito, however, was delicious.

Shoutout to Fatima Guidel, 23, (left) who's joining the CH team from a Bethesda location.

Chipotle will open to the public tomorrow.


  1. There are plenty of great burrito spots in Columbia Heights that are owned by people who live in the community. I certainly don't understand why everyone would all of the sudden frequent a chain that is simply draining the dollars from the community and placing it somewhere else.

    Support local (and better) businesses!!

  2. I like small, locally businesses as much as the next guy, but when I go to a chain like Chipotle, I know exactly what I'm getting, how much it will cost, and what it will taste like. I know that if it's done wrong, I'll get my money back. I know that the customer is always right and tha the company will be accountable.

    This is the bar that corporations have set. If small businesses want to compete, then they need to get the message out that they offer a similar or better product with similar or better assurances of quality. They also need to advertise.

  3. I'm excited. I can't wait to get home and get a burrito - no Chipotle near my school.

    I do support local business, and yes, local business can be better, but there's no sin in going to chain restaurants if you have tried and disliked local businesses. I go to RedRocks, Pete's, or Raduis for my pizza; I don't order Papa John's or Domino's. I go to Columbia Coffee or Sticky Fingers for coffee and snacks, not Starbucks. But I like my Chipotle burritos and my Potbelly sandwiches, too.

  4. How are the burritos at DF?

    That's the only real alternative I can think of off the top...

  5. Also... as far as chain fast food goes, Chipotle is pretty un-offensive.

    If you believe their ads, Chipotle uses a fair % of grass fed, no-hormone, organic,local recyclable/recycled products. I don't know for sure, but I'm gonna guess places like tacos df, and don juan's don't.

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  7. pfft, I'd go there just to meet ms. Guidel

  8. Anonymous said...
    December 10, 2009 5:15 PM

    If you believe that than i guess Mcdonalds(there former owner) must be also most of Chipotle's product are worst health wise than mcdonalds and have twice the fat and calories of mcdonalds products

  9. TOTALLY jacked up that Chipotle is moving in. While there are a bunch of other burrito options in Columbia Heights, it will be nice just to have yet another options for quick, affordable fare. I don't think that this will have that negative of an effect on the local, small food businesses either.

  10. Que..

    Haha, if you're worried about fat and calories maybe don't eat a burrito?


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