Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brunch at Ruby Tuesday: actually pretty good?

So my buddy has been raving about the brunch at Ruby Tuesday for awhile now. For something like $12, you get four things: biscuits, a yogurt parfait, an entree like eggs benedict with steak and potatoes or crepes, and then chocolate chip cookies as dessert. There's also lots of morning cocktails, mimosas and such.

Laugh if you want, but my buddy is a big fan and recommends it. He also notes that the staff is super friendly. Anybody else been?


  1. I have not been there for lunch, but my boyfriend and I went for dinner there a couple months ago and I was surprised at how good both the food and drinks were. And yes, the staff was very friendly. Go figure. It's a complete 180 from the Ruby Tuesdays in Chinatown.

  2. Thanks for your question about brunch, but first, I work for Ruby Tuesday in marketing. But back to brunch - it's a newer offering for us and most people are a bit surprised that we have it. Personally I was really surprised by the amount of food four courses is, I left full.

    Next time your friend goes - give it a chance, I'd love to here what you think.

    @Kayla - glad to hear your experience was a good one. We've revamped a lot of the food and drinks and it's always great to hear positive stories like yours.

    Reach out anytime.

    Gavin Baker
    Ruby Tuesday
    Social Media Manager
    gbaker (at) rubytuesday (dot) com

  3. Ruby Tuesday is great!! Prices are very reasonable, daily drink specials, food is good, and I've never had bad service there.

    On Saturday mid-morning (in the early snowpocalypse) we walked in to get brunch. First stop was The Heights. Packed, and there was a line. And the heights is pretty average (imho) anyway.

    So we went to RT. I'd been before for happy hour or a burger but never for brunch.

    It was mostly empty, and actually they closed right after we left. But a way better experience than I have come to expect from The Heights, no wait, friendly service, and not a bad bloody mary either.

    People need to get over RT being a chain. So what? It's good and fairly priced. The atmosphere is nice, and they employ people just like a non-chain restaurant does. I would rather give them my money than someplace that's less good and more expensive.

  4. .. oh one more note about RT on Saturday.

    They were about the only place in downtown cohi that was keeping the sidewalk clear in front of their business. Props for being a good neighbor.

  5. Ruby Tuesday is awesome - if you're not a snob. If you get the beer of the day tall boy it's $4. Standard cocktails are $5 - and if you want to splurge "class in a glass" is just $8. Seriously - you can't beat it. And if you are a snob - just go ironically (that's what I do).

  6. "Arties" (RT's) rocks. SNobs need to get over themselves, it is the most reliable place with good food in CH.

  7. Huh? I'm not a snob, tried it many times. Everything tastes like it was freaking dipped in butter there.

  8. "Everything tastes like it was freaking dipped in butter there."

    And you think that's a problem?

    Mmmmm... butter.

  9. every time I look at this blog it's raving about Ruby Tuesdays. Do you own stick or what?

  10. I write about all the local restaurants. This is the second post on Ruby Tuesday I can remember.

  11. Just tried out RT for brunch with a friend. They serve brunch until 3pm which is nice. Got there on a Sunday around 2 and there was no wait. Service was very pleasant. Ordered omelets and quesadillas, and opted out of the parfait for the salad bar (.99 extra) Food was good, typical RT style big portions and yummy ice tea drinks.

    Complaints: Did not bring us biscuits initially, after we ate brunch we remembered and asked the waitress who kindly brought us biscuits and cookies. The biscuits were more like cornbread than biscuits but good. The cookies did not look as appetizing as pictured the menu, and were hard and cold.

    All in all good times at RT brunch. Will return.


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