Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Both escalators working at Columbia Heights Metro east entrance

The planets aligned! For the first time in I don't know how long, both escalators on the east entrance of the Columbia Heights Metro were working, as of Sunday night. However, that could mean they're down again. Those things must be made of tissue paper or something.

I haven't been to the west entrance, are those working too? If so, I'd be shocked.

UPDATE: Looks like all the escalators are now off, on both sides. Wow. We are 0/5.


  1. Don't worry, the unions still got work todo. They moved escalator construction to the escalator at metro level.

    Should be a couple of months of work. Then they can tear up the west side.

  2. Both east side escalators were off this morning.

  3. Both east side escalators and the mezzanine escalators were off around 1pm today.

  4. All three west exit escalators were off this morning around 10 a.m.


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